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My Freshly Brewed Life: A Heavy Heart

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Heavy Heart

Maybe it's because I am on the 5th day of a 21-day fast.  Maybe it's because I've been asking God to break my heart for the things that break his. Maybe it's because I've been crying out for compassion.  Maybe it's because I am getting closer to Him.  

Over the last couple of days, my heart has been heavy for a few of my friends in the blogsphere. I do not know these women. I have never met them personally, but I feel close to them. They have invited me into their lives, into their homes.  On more than one occasion I have laughed, cried, been encouraged, strengthened and even challenged by the hope they give through honest glimpses into their realities.

Friends, my heart is heavy. And I am asking those of you who read this blog to take a moment today and every day that God would bring them to your mind, to PRAY!  Pray hard.  These woman are experiencing huge losses and battles in their lives, yet I know a God who is more than able to breathe hope and life into their situations.

Joanne, The Simple Wife, has suffered a massive stroke due to a blood clot in her brain.  She was found unconscious a couple of days ago on her treadmill by her 9 year old daughter.  I cannot imagine. She has undergone a couple of surgeries and still the prognosis is not been good.  She is just 38 years old.  She has an adoring husband and two precious girls. Please pray for healing for Joanne, for peace for this family. 

Penny, Living Above Ministries, recently lost her husband of 19 years in a hunting accident.  He was a pastor of a church in Louisiana.  Penny and John Franklin have two small children.  Their lives as they knew it will never be the same. 

And please remember Edie, Life in Grace.  A few days before Christmas Edie lost her beautiful, picture perfect, magazine worthy home and all of her possessions in a tragic fire.  But God miraculously spared the lives of 6 people and 2 dogs on that tragic day.  I cannot imagine her grief and that of her family as they begin the rebuilding process.   

As I finish this post, tears burning my eyes, I am asking the "why" question.  I know better. It's not for me to ask why. But my heart is so broken over these who I do not even know.  But God knows them. And He will hold them close, catch their tears, heal their hearts and their bodies.  I have been asking for God to give me greater compassion and maybe this is a start.  

And I am receiving a new perspective on life -- how it can can change in an instant.  We are not promised tomorrow. And I want my life to count, to have purpose and meaning, I want to leave behind a legacy.....well, that's another blog post.

Would you pray friends?  Would you add these woman to your prayer chains? I know that prayer changes things.  I am after change -- life hope, healing, and restoration for these woman and for their families.