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My Freshly Brewed Life: Where Is Your Area of Influence?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where Is Your Area of Influence?

Have you ever sat and thought about where your area, or areas, of influence lie?  As a wife, mother, educator, etc., did you know that God has placed in you the ability to influence not only those around you, but those in high places of society?  Did you know that God has designed you for such a time as this to leave an impact, a mark, on your place in society?  It only takes one to shift a culture, and that one person could be you! Over the last year or so, I have been learning about the Seven Realms of Society, or Seven Mountains of Influence.  What are they you might ask?  Well, I am no expert, but will gladly share the information I do have. The Seven Mountains are 7 sectors of society that mold the way we think.  The culture we life in is directly affected and influenced by what takes place in the "high places" of these seven mountains.  The Seven Mountains of Influence are:
  1. Family: Where Generational Blessings or Curses are passed on to our children
  2. Education: Where either Truth or lies about God and His Creation are taught
  3. Government: Where Evil is either Restrained or Endorsed
  4. Business: Where people build for the Glory of God or the glory of man
  5. Media: Where events, news and information are interpreted and passed on to people through the lens of good or evil
  6. The Arts & Entertainment: Where Values and Virtues are either celebrated or distorted
  7. Religion: Where people worship God in "Spirit and Truth" or settle for religious rituals
God's heart is to transform society through the marketplace in each of these areas. Those who sit in high places of authority in these sectors have influence over that particular area.  Did you know that God has equipped you with a unique set of abilities and strengths to influence one or more of these mountains? This weekend our church is putting on The Seven Mountains Conference with guest speaker Johnny Enlow, author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy and The Seven Mountain Mantle.  We are excited to receive a greater revelation of these seven areas of influence and how we can impact our city and region for Christ.

Where do you feel your area(s) of influence lies?  What are you passionate about? For me, there are two areas where I feel like God is growing my passion and desire to both pray and impact: Government and Arts and Entertainment.  In the area of Government, He is giving me a greater burden to pray for our President, our Military, our City officials, etc.  This area seems so big to me, and I am not sure how little ole me could bring change, but little ole me with God, now that's another story!  And, as a painter, singer, and writer, I have been amazed at how God is already using me in these areas to impact those around me. I've only just begun to step out in these areas. I know God has big plans!

Begin to pray and ask the Lord where your area or areas of influence are.  Then, believe that He will equip you and give you strategies for impacting your city, region and our nation for His glory! I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know which of these seven areas you have a desire to be used by the Lord to bring a shift.

Have a blessed weekend!