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My Freshly Brewed Life: Talkin About Thursdays - Goals

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Talkin About Thursdays - Goals

We're talkin it up with Genny over at My Cup 2 Yours! Today's topic is "goals".
Goal: -the object of a person's ambition or effort;
-an aim or desired result;
-the destination of a journey

I am not sure I relate to the first definition, that of a goal being the object of my ambition. I do have several goals that I am working toward fulfilling, but some of them have barely gotten out of the starting gate. They are more concepts or things I dream of doing so they aren't yet things I am feeling "ambitious" towards. The second definition, that of a goal being an "aim" or "desired result" suits me much better. There are many things I desire to do, but don't yet feel I have the drive or ambition to fulfill them. For me, pursuing a goal is a journey. Sometimes the journey can be long, other times short. I strive to stay focused as I walk along my journey of fulfilling these things in my life. Here are some things I am working toward:
  1. Daily Bible Reading. I strive to get into the Word of God every day. Some days I miss it, but I am doing much better at the beginning of 2010 than I was at the end of last year. My Pastor has started a daily accountability blog with our church staff and leadership. It's been an amazing way to stay focused and I love reading about what God is speaking to everyone else through His Word.
  2. Loving Well. I am a very loving person, at least, my heart and head love well, but my actions or words don't always show it, neither does my attitude. I want to learn to truly love like Jesus does, to see others through His eyes, and have the patience that He does with me.
  3. Getting My Home Organized. I have to admit I haven't been very organized in any aspect of my life over the last several months. I wear many hats, but I know that God has given me enough hours in the day to accomplish all that He's called me to do. One area where the disorganization and clutter has gotten the best of me is in my home. As a full-time working mom of 4 (one of which I home school at night) who is actively involved in ministry, it's hard to find the time or strength to clean and organize. I am starting with decluttering all of my rooms and going from there.
Well, that's it for now. Off to read what others are working on.