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My Freshly Brewed Life: Patient Love

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Patient Love

Pursuing Love

I am so excited to be able to participate in the Pursuing Love Meme sponsored by Marsha over at Marsha's Musings.

I have been a Christian for over 25 years, and I would have to say that just over the last 3 years or so have I begun to comprehend how very much God loves me. I have come a long way, but I still have a ways to go. I am one of those people who have a lot of head knowledge, read the Word, believes what it says; yet, for whatever reason it doesn't always sink into those deep places of my heart. Yet I trust, I choose to believe!

I would have to say that I am one of those who have built walls around my heart. I didn't really know that they were there, until about a year ago when I, along with my husband, went through some very deep and intense emotional healing. Choosing to leave what is past in the past, I won't post about it here; but just to say that I did allow my heart to become closed and hard in some areas, due to issues from my past. Slowly, and every so lovingly and patiently, my Daddy God has been able to break those barriers down, so that I can begin to allow Him to fill me up with his overwhelming love.

Today's topic is Love is Patient. For me, part of learning to love well is being patient with myself, and allowing God to take His time to heal the hurts in my heart. Sometimes I want to rush things. But God knows that if He were to reveal every hurt that lies deep in the crevice of my heart to me all at once, I probably wouldn't survive. So I am learning to allow Him to take my hand and slowly reveal these things to me.

Love is a journey. One that we walk a little farther in each day, as long as we are being transparent with God and those He's placed around us. I have not yet arrived at the depth of love, or loving others, that I need to be. But with the help of the Holy Spirit, my patient teacher, I am learning to walk in love.