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The Silent Gift - Book Review

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My Freshly Brewed Life: The Silent Gift - Book Review

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Silent Gift - Book Review

I received a free copy of The Silent Gift from Bethany House Publishers to read and review. I am so glad that I chose this book. The title and the cover immediately caught my attention. From the very first page until the last, I was drawn in and captivated by this story. Set in the time of the great depression, a struggling mother and her disabled son flee the grasp of an uncaring, unloving husband and father, setting out to find their own way. The young boy, although silent, has an incredible gift that he uses to bring joy, as well as sorrow, into the lives of others. As people come from all over to receive from the boy's "gift", the mother has to decide whether she will allow the boy to use his gift to provide much needed income. After the husband tracks down his son, the mother is thrown in prison for "kidnapping" and the son is sent away. After the mother is released from prison, she begins a desperate journey of love, longing, hope and restoration as she desperately searches for her son. During this time, although she acknowledges she feels forsaken by God, she realizes He has been with her every step of the way. She also comes to terms and accepts this wonderful gift that God has given to her son. I would highly recommend this book!

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