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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blog Comments

What a boring title, huh? I have been notified by a couple of my followers (there might be more of you out there) that they could not leave a comment on my blog. A few weeks ago I installed Intense Debate for blogger, as well as Comment Luv. Although I love the idea of comment threading, and building discussion based on comments, I cannot have a blog where my amazing readers cannot leave comments. So, I have uninstalled Intense Debate and reverted back to the normal Blogger commenting system. I have lost comments to about 12 of my most recent posts, but YOU are all worth it!

If you have tried to comment on a recent post and couldn't, please try again. Your comments are important to me. Hopefully this will work. Thanks for your patience! Now, I am off to think about something deeper to write about.