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30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 17 & !8

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My Freshly Brewed Life: 30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 17 & !8

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 17 & !8

Oh no, I'm getting behind.  I guess one day isn't too bad!

Day 17:  Something I'm Looking Forward To

I am looking forward to.....
Starting up my ladies Bible study again in January.  I am currently looking for material.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would welcome them.

Day 18:  Something I Regret

I have learned not to live a life of regret.  Although there are some things I wish I had done differently in my life, I believe that everything, good or bad, has allowed me to become the person I am today.  

I hope this wasn't a boring post!