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My Freshly Brewed Life: Teenage Boys - So Random!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Teenage Boys - So Random!

 (My son, Ryan, is the one on the right!)

So I have been sitting here thinking about what to blog about for tomorrow.  I am so tired and can barely keep my eyes open and have pretty much decided that I wouldn't get a post up tonight (for Wednesday).  However, I have gotten a kick out of listening and watching a couple of teenage boys (one being my 16 year old son, Ryan), make and discuss food.  I even got involved.  Here is how our culinary evening has gone:

10:30 PM
Ryan:  Hey, Jordan, you want some toast with butter?
Jordan:  Sure.
*They both slam down the toast, but my son wins. 
I think he consumed it in about 3 seconds.

Me:  Hey son, can you make my popcorn? 
(My son makes my popcorn every night).
Ryan:  Sure mom.
*I eat my popcorn while reading my lovely blogs!

11:15 PM
I hear my son in the refrigerator.
Me:  Son, what are you getting now?
Ryan:  A Tamale
Me:  But son, you already had a couple of those today. 
Don't eat them all
Ryan:  I only had one.
*He proceeds to make his Tamale

Jordan:  Hey, I've never had a Tamale, can I try it?
Ryan:  Sure
Jordan:  That's pretty good.
*Ryan proceeds to slam down his Tamale.

I hear a ruckus in the kitchen. 
Jordan is attempting to make Mac N Cheese
(yes, out of the box).
Jordan:  How much water do I put in the pan?
Ryan:  Mom, which pan do I use?

More ruckus in the kitchen
Jordan:  How do I measure 4 Tbsps of butter?
Ryan:  Mom, how do we measure the butter,
we don't have any cubes?
Me:  Ummmm, fill the measuring spoon 4x with butter!

11:45 PM
Me:  Hey son, can you get me a bowl of vanilla ice cream
with chocolate syrup?
Ryan:  Sure mom.
*He kindly brings me the ice cream

Me:  Son, thank you, but there is not enough
chocolate syrup on it.  Can I have some more please?
Ryan:  Okay mom.

12:00 AM
Jordan:  Hey Ryan, do you have any wieners
(those would be hot dogs) I can put in my Mac N Cheese?
*I laugh hysterically!
Jordan:  Should I just eyeball it or measure it
(speaking of the butter/milk for the Mac N Cheese)?
Ryan:  It looks green
Jordan:  This is even better than Alyssa's (my daughter
who is the QUEEN of Mac N Cheese making)!
Jordan:  Ryan, do you have any spoons that are clean?
*Oops, I forgot to wash the dishes again.

I am sure they will continue their culinary talk and partaking of anything they can find long after I have gone to bed, as they are both now downing a Snapple!  How is it teenage boys never seem to get full?  Where does all the food go?

By the way, this has got to be the most random post I have ever done on my blog.