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My Freshly Brewed Life: How Does God See You?

Friday, April 23, 2010

How Does God See You?

My dear friend Laura recently wrote this amazing story on her blog about a new revelation she received from the Lord about how He sees her.  I thought it was so amazing that I asked her permission to repost it here.  So my friends, this is for you.  May you realize that you ARE a treasure, a perfectly crafted and polished gem, handpicked by your Creator to display the beauty and glory of the Lord!

Reposted from Laura The Artist:

Recently I was asked to ask and ponder on How God sees me...I asked, "How do you see me God?" He answered that to Him I am a gem. At first I was disappointed because that is something that I hear frequently from others that God says about them. Then God went on to elaborate more to me. A beautiful gem stone cannot shine unless there is light flowing through it to bring out the fire and sparkle...God says that He is that light. A beautiful gem stone cannot even sparkle unless it has been cut and faceted...God says that He is the designer and maker. A beautiful gem stone cannot be properly displayed unless it is in a setting, a setting designed by the maker for it's specific use and purpose...God says that the Body of Christ is that setting - the community of believers, the culture of the supernatural. A beautiful gem stone must also be cleaned up, shined, and polished on occasion as the everyday atmosphere can dull it's luster and beauty...God says that "Jesus makes all things new" and that I am clean and pure. This revelation impacted me and gives me so much more understanding of how God sees me. Every gem stone is unique in shape, color, environment it comes from, and hardness. I am a treasure that was taken from a dark place, cut and shaped, faceted in pain and glory and put into a setting perfect for the Maker's use. I sparkle and shine, I delight and awe, and am worn in a place that God can see everyday. To the glory of God the Father.

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