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My Freshly Brewed Life: Simplifying For Sanity (My Master Bedroom)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Simplifying For Sanity (My Master Bedroom)

I am joining in with Lynnette Kraft today in "Simplifying for Sanity". Honestly, I took the button off my sidebar in the middle of last week, because I was feeling overwhelmed and didn't know if I could follow through.  Well this morning when I woke up I figured enough was enough. The button is back on my sidebar now!  I made a promise to myself that it didn't have to be perfect.  I know there was a lot more that I could/should have done.  But this really helped me to not be so overwhelmed and make my bedroom a place I could enjoy being in again.

This is pretty embarrasing.  This is a mixture of dry cleaning and clothes I could not fit in my dresser.  Oh my gosh, is that my bra there at the top of the pile?  Yikes!  And you probably can't see the dust on my night stand, but it was there in full force!
Sorry for the fuzzy picture!  
This is again a pile of clothes that I could not fit into my dresser, as well as some odds and ends, and yes, more dust!  In the corner is a large box I've had there since Christmas to take to the Thrift Store to donate.  
This is my sitting room/prayer room/painting room.  As you can see, it is in much disarray!
Another shot of my easel and some of the paintings I or the kids have done.
This is my walk-in closet, but I had a hard time walking in it!

Okay, here is what it all looks like afterwards.  I mostly did picking up and dusting.  It was all I felt I could do and yet it made a huge difference!

Remember the piles of clothes in the corner?  I took some cleaner to the baseboard and the nightstand is freshly dusted.  Don't you just love my Starbucks and the International House of Prayer playing in the background?  Without which, I could not have accomplished much!
Here is my lovely dresser, minus the clothes!  If you are wondering about the clothing, I hung/put away what I wanted to keep, and I filled the box of donations and will be dropping that off this afternoon.  There are a few odds and ends left on the dresser, but I put them all in a basket on the corner.
My beautiful prayer room is vacuumed and picked up now.  I do have some paint on the rugs, and have not yet found anything to take it out.  And the drop cloth in the corner there is just something that stays.  I am displaying some of my favorite paintings in the room.
Another peek!
I can now walk into my closet.  I put all of my shoes away and got rid of the junk on the floor.  I do have some painted on canvasses in the corner, but my daughter likes to use those for practice.
Another look at the closet.  Tried to organize the best I could.

This has been so much fun and I feel good about what I accomplished.  Next week I would very much like to tackle my pantrys.  Do these count as closets?  If not, then I will be doing my hall closet. 

Looking forward to seeing what everyone accomplished this week!