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The Challenges of A Full-Time Working Home Schooling Mom

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My Freshly Brewed Life: The Challenges of A Full-Time Working Home Schooling Mom

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Challenges of A Full-Time Working Home Schooling Mom

Now how is that for a title huh? Beginning on February 2nd, I will add "home schooler" to my already long list of titles - Wife, mom, sister, friend, lover of Jesus, employee, etc. My oldest son who is technically a sophmore in high school this year has really been struggling. It would take me an enormous amount of words to explain our journey. But I've known for a long time that traditional school was not working and that we had to do something to help him get back on track. I struggled over the last year about what I could do to help him. I did not feel I was getting proper support from his teachers, and since they eliminated all counselors at his high school, there was really no one left in his corner. Private schooling was not an option, as the finances are just not there. Full time mommyhood and schooling , although a most desirable and rewarding position, was also not an option because I still need to work. Just when I thought there was no hope, along came CAVA. You may click and read more about it. Basically it is an individualized on line school system. It is still run by the public school district where my son is currently enrolled, so at least everything will be familiar to him. With CAVA, I will have the flexibility that I need to do schooling at strange hours, so that I can work, my son will get to come to work with me a couple of days here and there if need be, and access his assignments on line. I was provided with a computer, printer, all of the materials and texts we need to get started. I am so thankful that God opened this door for us. At least now I will be
able to see every assignment, what it is and when it's due. I could not get the teachers to give me this information.

And now the panic has set in. Me, a home schooling mom? Who do I think I'm kidding? I can barely keep my house cleaned and remember to bath my 6 year old let alone think I have anything left to give to my 15 year old's schooling. And Even though I won't be schooling to the magnitude that some of my friends are, it is still going to be a challenge for me and maybe even more of a challenge because of all of the many hats I wear. I could really use some tips on how I can stay organized, keep on top of things, strategies to keep him motivated and engaged (did I mention we are dealing with a boy who is NOT self motivated). Yep, this will be a challenge. But I know that God has called me to it and will equip me for it.

I know some of you who follow my blog (is anyone out there?) also home school your children, so I would welcome any wisdom you would like to share!!! I am always amazed at what you do and all that you accomplish, so please, do share!