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My Freshly Brewed Life: Redeeming My Time

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Redeeming My Time

Tonight I made a commitment to God to redeem my time with Him. Life has become so busy and most days I do not sit at the feet of Jesus as I so desire. I have become a 5:16 Gal. I belong to a community of women on the internet that encourage one another daily through their commitment to "redeem their time" with the Lord. I so need that. Although I hate to admit it, my time with the Lord hasn't been near where I would like it to be over the last several months. Am I in the Word? Most days, yes. However, more often than not I am rushing through, putting in my time and not really slowing down long enough to hear what the heart of God is trying to say to me through His Word. I am realizing as life gets no less busy that I am in desperate need of accountability in this area. Becoming a 5:16 Gal is one way to do this. Another tool I found on the internet today is My God Sightings.
Its a free website. Once you register, you get a homepage and receive your daily reading from the One Year Bible each day. You can journal there, make notes, comments, etc. I have read through the Bible before...just last year in our School of Ministry. I didn't do as well as I could have. I am hoping this time around will go better.
I decided not to wait until January 1st and will begin my daily readings tomorrow. I am excited to see what God does as I challenge myself and redeem the time that belongs to Him!
Will you join me?