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Happy Birthday To Me - I'm A Supahstah!

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My Freshly Brewed Life: Happy Birthday To Me - I'm A Supahstah!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me - I'm A Supahstah!

Today I am celebrating my 44th birthday!  I read somewhere that the Biblical meaning of the number 4 is God setting things in order.  I do feel like I am walking into a season of God re-ordering my life so this may be true.  One of the areas I feel He is doing this is in the area of my health.  To help me in that effort, I started a new blog called In Pursuit Of His Best.  This is where I will put all things relating to health, fitness, recipes, etc. as I pursue a healthier mind, body and spirit. Feel free to follow me over there as well.  I will not have daily posts, but I hope to have something at least weekly.

This morning I am having breakfast and coffee with two of my best friends, getting in a little shopping for myself, and tonight I will enjoy a birthday dinner date with my hubby!
And, today I am a SUPAHSTAH!  I have been featured over at Mother of Pearl It is.  Click here to read my interview!

Have a blessed day friends!