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One Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway - DAY TWO

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My Freshly Brewed Life: One Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway - DAY TWO

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway - DAY TWO

My Freshly Brewed Life :: One Year Blog Anniversary and Week of Giveaways
Are we having fun yet?  Thank you for the great comments and love in yesterday's post.  I need to clarify just a couple of things. And please forgive my lack of knowledge.  This is really my first big giveaway so I am not sure what I am doing really.

{1}...My giveaway is open to anyone who follows my blog.  Even if you do not live in the U.S., I want you to be able to participate because you bless me by following my blog.

{2}...I did tell you that my giveaway ends at Midnight on Friday, July 30th.  However, so that I will have time to draw all of the winners and schedule a post for you all to read on Saturday morning, I am ending the Giveaway at 10:00 PM (Pacific Time).  Hopefully this is not too confusing.

Today, I would like to feature three very special followers who have made my blogging experience a joy from the beginning.  These ladies are some of the very first blogs I found when I started this journey, and they in return have been so encouraging along the way.  I even had the joy of meeting one of them just recently. 

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What can I say about Loren?  She welcomed me to blog land very early on and I absolutely love her.  She has taken the time to pray for me and email me advice and encouragement and is truly a friend who I hope to one day meet.  She is a woman of prayer and if you say you have a need, and she says she will pray, she does!  You will absolutely love her blog!

Heart Choices

I had the joy of meeting Debbie last week while vacationing in Arizona. We had so much fun together.  Debbie is a very wise woman and she is a life giver.  She has walked a "little farther than me" in some areas of her life and has really been able to come along side and encourage me.  I am so thankful she is in my life through blogging and that I got to meet her in person and give her a big hug!

Content in Christ

Beth is a dear sister in Christ and a true Woman of the Word.  Her posts will cause you to think and ponder and leave you hungering for more of the Lord.  Beth loves to worship the Lord, as do I.  I could sit and talk about worship with her for hours.  She has become a very dear blog friend, another person who I hope to be able to meet in person one day.

If you have a moment, and don't already follow their lovely blogs, I would encourage you to visit these amazing friends of mine and say "hello".

Now, on to the question of the day, which you can use for your lovely comment for another chance to earn a prize!!!

If you could use one word to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

I can't wait to read all of your answers!