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My Freshly Brewed Life: It's Another Miscellany Monday!

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Another Miscellany Monday!


I am learning to love the Miscellany Monday meme hosted by Carissa at lowercase letters.  Monday's are slow days for my brain, thus makes for an easy post!  And besides, don't you all get a kick out of my miscellaneous randomness?  Hop on over to Carissa's place and join in the fun!
  1. I've been thinking about how much energy it must take for someone to put a new roll of toilet paper on the thingy in the bathroom.  I mean seriously, does it really take that much?  I find this way too often in my home:

    Maybe I should invest in one of these?
    (Of course, in my home, the lid would be kept closed!)

  2. I would like to hire a professional laundry folder to come over and tackle my laundry.  I can wash and dry, no problem, but when it comes to folding, well, not so good.  My poor family is having to "fluff" their clothes before they put them on.

  3. It's 8:00am.  I have to leave in 15 minutes to take my kids to school.  Why am I sitting at the computer?  Oh, thank you hubby for taking the kids.  Now I can finish my post!

  4. I am thinking I really need to buy that coffee maker.  I have yet to have my coffee this morning and the grumpy's are rearing their ugly head.   Would anyone like to bring me some coffee?

  5. I love watching adoption stories on TV.  It makes my heart feel happy!
Have a blessed day friends!