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Captivating Bible Study - Week Seven (Loving A Man)

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My Freshly Brewed Life: Captivating Bible Study - Week Seven (Loving A Man)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Captivating Bible Study - Week Seven (Loving A Man)

Women play a crucial role in the lives of men, not only their husbands, but also their brothers, sons, friends, bosses and co-workers.  This week we took just a small peek behind the curtain into the heart of a man.  With the help of the DVD lesson which represented a small group of men, we discovered that the core question in a man's heart is "Do I have what it takes?  Am I a real man?".  As women, we want to answer this question as a "yes" in every way, with not just our words, but also with our actions.  I remember as a child growing up that my brothers always wanted to play the role of the hero.  Every time there was an altercation that involved me, they would immediately come to my rescue.  If I need someone stronger than me to carry something, or fix something, I would call on my dad or brothers to help me. 

I shared a real-life situation that happened recently,
In our home, the toilet often gets clogged, badly. Now, some of you may immediately go looking for a man to assist you in this very arduous task of fixing the toilet.  Me, however, nope, I can do it myself!  So not too long ago, the toilet was clogged.  And ladies, I mean it was CLOGGED!  So, I took up my handy-dandy plunger and began to attack the toilet with great confidence.  I attacked.....and attacked.....and ATTACKED....and got frustrated and ATTACKED again (and by this point in time I am sure everyone in the house could hear me attacking the toilet).  Nothing, the water would not let go of the grip it had on the toilet bowl.  After a few very loud mutterings, I screamed for my husband.  And it was not a "Hey babe, would you please come and see if you can help me with the toilet" type of scream.  Nope, it was more of a "Hey you, can you get up and unclogged this stupid thing"!  And of course, he got up and eventually the water lost it's grip and we had the ability to now flush once again.  The hero had come to my rescue.
I realize now that I probably should have asked my husband to take care of the toilet in the first place.  I can now imagine what my husband might have been thinking because I so very loudly took matters into my owns hands.  "She doesn't need me""I don't have what it takes."  "Isn't this what a man is supposed to do."  Well, I think it's about time I schedule a date night with the hubby.  I think he needs to be romanced and told how very much I appreciate him and that he really does have what it takes, and that next to Jesus, He IS my hero! 

Next week we will be discussing our need to play an irreversible role in this world.

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