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Four Fridays of Connections (Week 1 - Food Loves)

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My Freshly Brewed Life: Four Fridays of Connections (Week 1 - Food Loves)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Four Fridays of Connections (Week 1 - Food Loves)

4 - Four Fridays of CONNECTIONS (forging friendships)

I am joining in with Hannah of Aspire today for the Four Fridays of Connections.  I am a fairly new blogger and love to meet new friends.  I have already met some wonderful people through blogging and am looking forward to meeting many more!

This week's topic is Food Loves!  I absolutely love to eat and on the flip side, I am always on a diet.   First on my diet is always

I am afraid I cannot get going in the morning without my beloved coffee!  And now that it is getting warmer outside, I can enjoy my Iced Caramel Lattes or Extra Bold Mocha Freddos!  I am seriously addicted and am NOT seeking help at this time.

As far as cuisines go, Mexican is one of my favorites.  In my household, with my father being Mexican, we ate a lot of it -- Enchilades, Chili, Tacos, Tostadas, beans & rice, you name it!  Yummy!  I also really love Italian Food as well as Chinese, besides they are both comfort foods to me.  I have been known to down an entire plate of Chow Fun during times of stress!
And for dessert, well I don't eat a lot of them, but I sure do love my Molten Lavas!
Well, I think this post was intended to share one food love, and I shared an entire 3 course meal! Is it any wonder why I am always on a diet?  Well, now I am off to bed to dream about food and gain another 5lbs!  I'll stop by and visit you in the morning!

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