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My Freshly Brewed Life: Order In The Court

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Order In The Court

I turned 44 on July 3rd.  As I reflected on being another year older, I began to ask God what He had planned for me and my family in the coming year.  I expected to hear God say, "You are going to do......" and "Your family will......" and "I will give you....".  But, what I heard the Lord speak to my spirit was entirely different that what I expected to hear.  I've been meditating on it ever since.  This is what I heard Him say:
This year will be a year of divine order.  I am calling the disorder in your life into order.  Lean on me and trust me.
I haven't heard the gravel come down yet, and I don't want to.  I believe that God is calling many things in my life into order, so that I can better fulfill His purpose and plan for my life. 

[1]...He is calling my time with Him into order.  God is a God of order.  He does not want me to live a frazzled life, being tossed to and fro like the wind. I love His presence, yet struggle with distractions all the time.  His desire is that I would learn to come to Him, to wait in His presence, and cultivate intimacy with Him in the secret place. He longs to share the secrets of His heart with me.

[2]...He is calling my lack of care and concern for my own health and well being into order.  God desires that I take care of my body, His temple, and treat it the way it deserves to be treated.  I go to bed too late, get up too early, don't eat too healthy most of the time, don't exercise.  I have many changes to make in this area, which will not be easy for me, but with God, I know that I can do it. He wants me to invite Him into this area of my life so that He can help me. I've fought this battle by myself for far too long.  It's time that I call on the Name of the Lord for assistance and strategy!

[3]...He is calling the disorder in my home into order.  There are days when I think I might lose my mind over the state of disarray my house is in.  God desires to bring order to my home.  If I were to ask Him, He would say I had plenty enough time in my day to accomplish all that He has called me to do, yet I find most days I complain about how tired I am after having worked all day, and that there isn't enough time to tidy up, do the dishes or laundry.  But the honest truth is, my home is like this because I've ignored what's needed to be done.  I've used the words "too busy" and "too tired" far too often.  And the fact that I'm moving?  No excuse.  It's time to buckle down and become the homemaker God has called me to be.

[4]...He is calling our finances into order.  God does not want us to struggle financially like we have for the last few years.  We have hit some dead ends and have had to face some very tough situations. But despite it all, I  know that God still desires that we be financially free.  God is in the rebuilding process and, if we are faithful, He will remain faithful to us.

[5]...He is calling my speech into order.  It hurts the heart of God when I am constantly critical or negative about myself.  It is reflected often in my speech and cannot make for a good atmosphere to those around me.  When I refuse to see myself through the eyes of a loving, forgiving God, and instead choose to believe the lies the enemy tells me, I am telling God that He created something so unworthy that it cannot be loved. This grieves God's heart.  It's time for me to rise up, taking every thought captive, binding my mind to the mind of Christ, and believe once and for all that what He has written in His Word was written for me!  He said it, do I believe it?

I do not want to stand before Christ when I get to Heaven and hear Him talk about all of these things which I couldn't seem to get a handle of.  I don't want to miss the greater thing that God has planned for me, simply because I couldn't get to a place of order in these areas.  And God is so good to gently show this to me.  He does not condemn or judge, or cast me away from His presence. But He continues to beckon me to come, to sit at His feet, releasing these areas back to Him.  I am claiming the victory of divine order this year.  After all, if it was on God's heart to reveal these areas to me, I know it's within His power to help me conquer these mountains.

Are there areas in your life that need a little Heavenly ordering?